Astrology is a mathematical tool which offers us the opportunity to observe ourselves on a factual perspective.
When we use a mathematical orientation system like astrology, one of our aspirations should be to eliminate impulses from unconsciousness, that may stop our growth and may obscure a better understanding of life. This astrological orientation system is objective and it allows us to experience visible results.
Another goal should be to experience more balance and harmony in as many aspects of life as possible, and therefore, to experience an inner transformation that reflects itself in all exterior aspects of our life.
By being aware of your personal year cycle, you know what are the best periods for having success in your profession, and you know as well what are the best periods for dealing with your personal matters. You will also be aware about the periods when your body and mind are more vulnerable and fragile, during the year.
By observing your inner cycle, observing your personal compass, you are going to learn that there are moments to seed, there are moments to harvest, there are moments to act and to expose yourself and there are moments when there’s nothing like doing nothing.
When we respect our personal compass, our inner time, we are able to watch ourselves in an objective way, to get rid of self-destructive patterns of behavior, to value ourselves in order to create a more balanced and successful reality.
To read your personal compass, there are three astrological tools to map your personal yearly cycle:
-Solar Revolution/Solar Return (with journey displacement)
-Transits of personal/inner planets: Sun, Moon(*), Mercury, Venus and Mars.
-Transits of transpersonal/outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
One important aim is to reduce mistakes and increase right decisions, using the annual planetary transits as your personal compass. During the year, we all have periods of accomplishment, personal and professional success, abundant energy, plenitude.
There are, as well, periods of reclusion and voluntary exile, rest, inner silence, periods to save spoken/written words and actions. Those periods have their significance, importance and beauty.
(*) In astrology, the Moon has the same importance as a planet does. However, to astronomy, it is just a mere satellite.


We use these two astrological tools as energy measurers: personal planetary transits and Solar Return.
Being aware of your planetary transits is as important as being aware of the tendencies of your Solar Return. In fact, the planetary transits are even more important than the Solar Revolution, because, concerning the Solar Revolution, you may move and change the latitude and longitude at the exact time of your rebirth, you may travel to another city, another country or continent to seek and created new possibilities, different tendencies, different realities.
Everything is quite different when we talk about planetary transits over our natal chart, interacting with it. It does not matter if you travel or not, they are there, reflecting, confirming and warning us.
Nevertheless, we are able to look ahead and examine the planetary transits, we may study and observe future mathematical tendencies and prepare ourselves for graceful and as well for challenging planetary transits. They all reflect a symbolic symmetry, and they happen and change all the time, it does not matter if you travel to perform your Solar Revolution (with journey displacement) or not.
We have noticed that, performing this approach of Solar Revolution, it may help and support us during tense and challenging planetary transits.
We have observed these results through the years, by studying and analyzing thousands of cases, since this whole approach in based and supported by experiments and observation, as part of an empirical study of decades.
The reading of a Solar Revolution is not complete without the reading of annual planetary transits. It does not matter if we travel for our Solar Revolution or not, we all have certain periods, during the year, when it is wise for us to experience a voluntary exile, an inner and exterior exile.
There are two periods during the year, when it is wise to speak as less as possible, hiding our opinions, it is wise to postpone important decisions, and not signing any kind of contract or agreement, or buy or sell important material objects (a car, a real estate, etc).
There are two periods during the year when it is wise to avoid risky sports, and it is wise to postpone health surgeries, aesthetical and similar procedures. Of course, that does not include urgent procedures, those that cannot wait.
There are two periods of the year when we cannot meet important clients.
There are periods in a personal cycle, when our mind is weary. We tend to commit more mistakes during theses periods, and for this reason, it is wise not to decide anything important.
There are two periods during the year when we must rest and save energy. During these periods, we must take a special plus care of our health and to have fun, if possible, to relax without putting your body under any stress..
It is useless and exhausting to waste time, trying to fight against your own nature.
Human nature and, consequently, human body are designed to function like this, and, a life with less suffering is a life that understands the cycles and respects them.
Observing our inner compass, we are able to understand what the universe tries to show us all the time: that we are exactly the same as everything in nature. We are part of it and we should be aware that everything works in an organic manner.
We are not much different from a tree, which experiences springs and summers, but it also experiences autumns and winters. We live these permanent, unremitting cycles during our existence.

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