Before going straight to the point, as does this event, a bit of clarification about the reflection of tomorrow’s eclipse in each astrological house, I believe the vibration we must irradiate collectively, which is: to make the world less warlike and more pacifist.

Praying, chanting mantras and asking for a higher force are our tools, but above all, creating our reality in our own minds is the powerful definite tool.

Imagine your country and our planet without weapons, with distributed abundance, politicians committed for the less fortunate, less greed, less emptiness, less mediocrity and more progressivism within the elite. A country and a planet with more equality, more opportunities and better conditions for everyone. Imagine a world where practitioners of different religions coexist in peace and respect.

The total eclipse means that something in our life is being ECLIPSED.

The reflection on each person’s birth sky will be related directly to what we have done within the past few months. What have you planted? What did you give attention to? What has your mind been busy with? Your feelings? What directed your actions in the real world?

The results or consequences will manifest with more power right now.

The eclipse is a black out.

May each of us eclipse from our lives that which is unhealthy, negative, and that which delays us and stops us from living our real potential.

May we give birth to a new attitude, a new way of being, of thinking, or feeling and of doing.

Because we create the reality that surrounds us and we affect the quantum field.


Leo on the 1st House

Here the eclipse has to do with the strength of your personality, the way in which you apply this strength. It is related to beginnings, initiatives, maybe something is about to start, something that will change your life. Maybe your personality needs to be reborn for you to access this strength. Be noble. Eclipse something negative from your personality. Connect to the true power of your personality.

Leo on the 2nd House

Here the eclipse is related to your possessions, your goods, how you care for your resources, your money. It can be very positive, indicating the birth of a new material status and security. How is your emotional security? How is your material security? Maybe you need to eclipse something about the way you care for your resources to enable their improvement. Create a new way of strengthening your material and emotional security. Create a new way of strengthening your self-confidence and self-esteem. Be careful with your resources and how you use them In the next 3 months.

Leo on the 3rd House

The eclipse here relates to the written and spoken word, with the thought, the mind, the way you communicate, your studies or courses. Renew the way you speak or write. Maybe it is time to throw youreclipse solar total 21 aug 2017self into a new communication project. Maybe it is time to start writing or speaking something. Maybe it is time to share the knowledge you have. Teaching is also learning. Renew the way you communicate with the world.

Leo on the 4th House

The eclipse here is all about family, the house you live in, your emotions, your inner world, your family core, especially the mother. The time has come to get rid of a behavior pattern you might have with your family and create a new way of connecting to it. A new emotional horizon appears. Make use of this energy to eclipse unhealthy and negative emotions that are interfering with your inner and outer development. Clean your home, both internally and externally. A move to a new house or a renovation of the house you live in.

Leo on the 5th House

Here, the eclipse talks about how experience love, pleasure, creativity and fun. Maybe it is time to renew the way you live out your relationship with your partner or children. Eclipse from your life something negative that you do when experiencing pleasure, fun or leisure. Carry out your love, pleasure, fun and creativity in a totally new way.

Leo on the 6th House

The eclipse on the axis of the great karma, spiritual healing, health, work… it is asking for special attention to these subjects. It is time to eclipse a bad habit that is destroying your health. It is time to adopt a new attitude with the way you care for yourself, your physical health and well-being. Maybe your job is too taxing on your well-being and you need to eclipse it. Maybe it is time to abandon a highly remunerated but taxing job so you don’t end up wasting everything on unhelpful medical treatments. You must open some room for a new way to caring for your health. Maybe it is time to start a completely new and creative job. A Renovation of your job and health.

Leo on the 7th House

The eclipse here is related to your marriage, your romantic relationship, your partners and business. Something new can come up within a partnership. Maybe a chance for a new romantic partnership or a renewal of the existing partnership. There is also the possibility of separation, if the existing partnership is already frail. A new way of dealing with the other appears.

Leo on the 8th House

A more delicate house, together with the 12th, to receive this eclipse. A moment for introspection and deep psychoanalytic cleansing. Eliminate damaging emotions and self-destructive inconsistent behavior. This is the axis of crisis, transformation, finance, material and emotional security. Eclipse from your life ways of acting and behaving that make you feel insecure. Eclipse from your life ways of spending money that put you in an insecure and uncertain situation. Retreat yourself during the day of the eclipse. In public, you might find yourself in unpleasant situations. A moment to look deep inside, find and rely on the solutions to your emotional crises, not to look outside.

Leo on the 9th House

Here the eclipse speaks about your ideals, life philosophy, studies, especially master’s degrees, doctorates, academic life in general, travelling to foreign lands and contact with foreign cultures. Maybe you already live abroad and your life is being renewed in that country or changing radically. Maybe your life ideals are changing and your renewal leads you to new studies or to foreign lands. A moment for sharing and marketing your work in new ways. A possibility of visas or a new nationality. Eclipse something negative that stops you from fulfilling your life philosophy. Allow your ideals to be reborn.

Leo on the 10th House

The eclipse on the house of career and public image. Something new is coming up In your profession. A new activity might appear or your profession might be eclipsed, disappear and be replaced with a new activity. It can reflect a new way of doing your job, a rebirth of your professional activity.

Leo on the 11th House

The eclipse here is on the house of friendships, projects, desires and aspirations. An eclipse that puts emphasis on your social life. There might be a renewal on the way you live out your friendships and your social life. A chance for renewing your projects, your desires and aspirations. The time may have come to eclipse a project that has no more space in your life, it became outdated, doesn’t fit you anymore, because you are a new person now. Replace it with new projects and aspirations. Renew your social relations and the way you lay out and lead your personal and collective projects.

Leo on the 12th House

Here, the eclipse is in the house of the great karma, regular spiritual practices, spiritual healing, arts and music. Like the 8th, and equally fragile house to receive this eclipse. A moment for retreat, introspection, interiorizing, connecting with the higher power. Accessing your spiritual strength. Renewing your spiritual activity to avoid melancholy, depression, sadness, isolation. Maybe it is time to commit to a regular spiritual activity to support your health. Use the potential of the eclipse for the 12th house themes, caring for the physical and spiritual health, charity, compassion, love to the other and volunteer work.

Hoping to be useful, always.


Lilian C Moraes

August 21, 2017

English version by Timotej Valentin Rojko

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