Individual astrological analysis – the natal chart

The analysis of your time of birth is a powerful and effective tool to know yourself and to optimize all aspects in your life.
The natal chart is an essential astrological tool for those who seek a harmonious, balanced existence.
The natal chart shows how the sky was at the time of your birth.
When we interpret the sky the way it was at the time of your birth, it allows us to detect tendencies. Therefore, it is possible to optimize and experience the positive aspects and also to learn lessons the challenging aspects want to show us, to minimize them.
Astrology is a tool to help us reading our unconsciousness and, with the reading of your natal chart, it is possible to find out which are the unconsciousness triggers reflected in your time of birth, and it teaches us how to deal with them in a more objective and useful way, so they may work in our favor and therefore offer us a more balanced reality.
It is possible to find out which are the unconsciousness triggers that delay and confuse us, unconsciousness pulsions* that induce us to make mistakes and to make decisions wrongly against ourselves and against others, and, mostly, we are not able to even notice what we are really doing.
When we bring those unconsciousness triggers to the light of consciousness, it gets easier to minimize or, hopefully, avoid them.

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