Cannabis cures cancer. Yes, Take your prejudice away.

VIA Steve Plaček

There is another option to treat cancer quickly other than chemo/radiation. That is actually safe with zero-harmful side effects. It is called cannabis oil and a 60 gram treatment will cure most serious cancers within 90 days.

Our own government holds the patents on Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants (Issue date: Oct 7, 2003 Patent number: 6630507) yet claims cannabis has no medicinal value.

They also hold several other patents on this plant that will shock you! (links provided)

How many more billions will we allow the pharmaceutical companies to make from human misery?

FACT: CANNABIS KILLS CANCER! To learn more check out Rick Simpson and the website for more info on how CANNABIS KILLS CANCER or just click some of the links provided next in this thread. CANNABIS…..A CURE-ALL?

Here are a few links and websites to learn more of the scientific research that has been done on the different medical properties of cannabis that prove without a doubt CANNABIS KILLS CANCER!

Doctors/Scientists/Alchemists Tashkin, Melamede, Sweeney, McAllister, Abrams, Mechoulam, Guzman, Hergenrather, Bearman, Grinspoon, Gray Wolf, Rick Simpson, Bayer, Banda and several others: What if cannabis cured cancer? _Dr Robert Melamede and the research team at cannabis science: _cure.your.own.cancer. : _The International Cannabinoid Research Society: Cannabis Research UK: _The National Cancer Institute: _The Center for Medical Cannabis Research CMCR: _Science Daily your source for the latest in cannabis news: _Pure Analytics: Gray Wolf_Skunk Pharm Research: : Dr. Janet Sweeney _The Phoenix Tears Foundation: Rick Simpson the official Phoenix tears website Dr. Manuel Guzmán : THC kills Glioma cancer cells: 2,500 total studied patients throughout 37 controlled studies: The US Govt. patents on cannabinoids: All the US patents on cannabinoids that proves cannabis is a safe effective medicine. Federal Government Reports that Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

US Patent 4837228
Cannabichromene (CBC)

US Patent 4189491
Glaucoma Treatment

US Patent 5631297
Anandamide Compounds

US Patent 6132762
Pain, inflammation and arthritis

US Patent 6410588
Cannabidiol and inflammatory diseases

US Patent 6974568
Treatment for coughs

US Patent 6630507
Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
Strokes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

US Patent 7741365
Novel polycyclic cannabinoid analogs

US Patent 7597910
Prostate cancer and prostatitis

US Patent 7977107
Detecting traces of cannabinoids

US Patent 8071641
Diabetes and insulitis

US Patent 8242178
Cannabidiol and autoimmune hepatitis

US Patent 8034843
Nausea, vomiting and motion sickness

New Cannabis vs. Cancer Patent Sought

Steve Plaček CANNABIS OIL KILLS CANCER Here is a massive list of cannabis extract testimonials (plus how to make oil) The official website! Brave Mykayla (T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) Brave Mykayla website Alysa Erwin (brain cancer) Kristina Marie (astrocytoma brain cancer) Rebecca Forbes (Adrenal mass ) Lindsay Bunn Rogers (Inoperable Mass on Thyroid) Rob O Rourke (bowel cancer) (Parkinson’s) (AIDS) (Cystic Fibrosis) (Cured: A Cannabis Story – Skin Cancer) (Cured Too: A Cannabis Story – Various) (Vitamin Cannabis) (Skin cancer) (Crohn’s [Shona Banda]) (Crohn’s) (Crohn’s) (Neck cancer, news report) (Leaf – Lupus and Brain Cancer) (Gout, arthritis, assorted) (Third-degree burn) (Burn Part 2) (Jack Herer diabetes) (Man standing up from wheel chair) (Cancer and Lupus Success) (Back pain) (Gerard) (Ashley) (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome) (Diabetic Ulcer) (Michael McShane and another woman) (MS, RA, mesothelioma [three cases]) (Lupus assorted) (Prostate cancer [Dennis Hill]) (Crohn’s, Linzy) (Lupus) (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) (Severe Pain/Cancer, Cancer, Arterial Heart Disease, Severe Pain) (Lung Cancer) (Multiple sclerosis) (Multiple sclerosis) (Lyme Disease) (Diabetes) (Skin Cancer [Melanoma]) (Esophageal Cancer) (Malaria/PTSD/Anxiety) (Various Cancers; 2:19:00 to 2:22:00; testimonial for cannabis infused coconut oil immediately follows) (Leukemia – Overview of Bob Crouse’s condition) (Diabetes/Pain) (Diabetes and Brain Cancer) (Thyroid Issues) (Burn) (Skin Cancer) (Skin Cancer) (Skin Cancer) (Pancreatic Cancer/PTSD – Incomplete but Going Well) (Severe burn)

News Stories and Posts: (epilepsy) (root therapy)– (leukemia) (Assorted – Skin Cancer, Burn, Diabetic Wounds, Arthritis/Gout, Chronic Pain, Migraines) (Stage IV Prostate/Bladder/Lymph Node Cancer) (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) (Bowel Cancer) (Form of Breast Cancer) (8 month old cancer elimination) (includes 8 month old story of cancer elimination and use of oil for controlling severe seizures in young boy Jayden, discussion of terminal cancer patient cured with raw cannabis leaf juicing [not even any buds!]) (Terminal Breast Cancer) (Terminal Cancer) (Colorectal Cancer)

“Run From The Cure” a Rick Simpson Story How to Make the Oil (From Rick Simpson/Phoenix Tears)
Shona’s Technique:
Cancer Fears Phoenix Tears:


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