Solar Revolution with relocation

Solar Revolution/Solar Return with relocation

A new and astounding approach to Your Personal New Year!

Where are the best places to spend my birthday?

How the city where you spend your birthday can influence your Personal Year and every aspects of your life?

Solar Revolution or Solar Return, is, essentially, the picture of the sky at the exact time of your rebirth, or your current birthday and it shows tendencies for a specific period, a solar cycle, a cycle that lasts 12 months.
Each year, we all make a Solar Return, in the latitude and longitude where we are physically, at the time of our rebirth, or birthday. At this specific day and time, a chart is set in the sky, it is the time of your rebirth, frozen, showing the orbit of the planets.
This is the Solar Return or Solar Revolution. It is a landscape of tendencies that lasts 12 months, until your next birthday. This chart contains all tendencies to your personal year. It is what we call Individual or Personal New Year.
The most common fashion to read a Solar Return is to ask to the client where he/she intends to spend their birthday, usually the city where the person lives, and then perform the reading, according to this place where he/she is going to spend their birthday, to interpret the tendencies of the year for this person.
In this specific approach of Solar Return with relocation, one goes to a specific point in the planet (it may be a near or a distant city) to create, mathematically, other possibilities and realities for that year, and by doing so, optimize it.

To accomplish this approach of Solar Return, we begin the study always with the interpretation of the chart for the city where the person intends to spend her/his birthday. When the Solar Revolution for that specific latitude and longitude or city, shows that one is having a year with balanced mathematical tendencies, there will be no need to travel, on the contrary, we must spend our birthday in this specific city to realize this Solar Return of positive tendencies.
That does not happen often. In many cases, the city where we live, where we intend to spend our birthday, it does not reflect a harmonious sky, a balanced chart. Therefore, we have applied this new approach to calculate a Solar Revolution with relocation, with meaningful results.
It is essential to emphasize that, before any chart an astrologer may be able to calculate, there is a person. It means that our reality is determined, above all and everything, by our feelings, our thoughts, our words and our actions.

For someone who cultivates bad thoughts, bad feelings, bad words and bad actions, it is evident that this system of astrological orientation, or any other tool for personal development and self-healing, hardly may be useful. It is crucial to realize and be aware that we create our reality all the time, and with the help of astrological mathematics, we may get stronger and coherent to forge our residual reality in a more constructive, successful fashion.
When we perform a Solar Revolution with relocation, we are not changing our “fate” or “destiny”, neither our karma. What defines every aspect of our reality is what we create with our feelings, thoughts, actions, words, our commitment with the present, here and now.
Our creation of reality is supreme.
Nothing may overcome our creation.
To reverence life, to be thankful, to value yourself and every one around you, to experience fully the present, here and now, are some of the benefits offered by this approach of Solar Return.
The tendencies to benefits, easiness, or challenges, difficulties, around our existence, are reflected by several aspects that planets form between each other. These aspects seem to occur simultaneously to the facts on Earth. Therefore, the planetary aspects warn us, confirm or simply reflect what is happening in our planet, in our lives.
Facts that occur on Earth and the orbit of the planets seem to be synchronous and they seem to reflect the consequences of feelings, thoughts and actions we have done in the past and as well as the decisions we have had which may be benefic or not to us.
It is not possible to make challenges disappear like magic. But it is possible to get stronger, lucid and intact to deal with them, to avoid them.
Since all the calculation is based in mathematical precise angulations, the results for this approach of Solar Return are objective and perceptible. It has showed a healthy cumulative effect when we perform this specific approach for Solar Revolution with relocation. Year after year, an improvement is visible.

Important: this approach for Solar Revolution must be done along with the study and support of the annual planetary transits and the Secondary Progressions. These tools are complementary.


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